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Taiwan, Taipei, August 20, 2021 - QNAP® Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator and CyberLink Corp. have teamed up to launch the new QVR Face Link facial recognition solution that integrates the FaceMe® AI facial recognition engine to perform AI-driven face recognition, allowing identification of masked people to solve the issue of non-contact biometric recognition in the post-pandemic era.

QVR Face can easily leverage RTSP cameras and API integration with third-party systems to analyze standard RTSP format camera streaming images in real-time to achieve rapid automated face recognition and analysis. By integrating the FaceMe® AI facial recognition engine, users only need to provide at least one complete face image to create profiles. While performing face recognition, the person can be recognized from registered profiles even while wearing a mask by QVR Face Link. The solution provides non-contact door access monitoring services, which is ideal for medical institutions and various fields where mask wearing is mandatory.

"QVR Face Link performs facial recognition and analysis on a NAS without the need to upload data to the cloud for further processing. This greatly enhances user privacy without impacting result accuracy – even if the person is wearing a mask,” said Hanz Sung, product manager of QNAP, adding “The solution is suitable for door access systems or where non-contact identification is required. QVR Face Link can also be combined with services like QNAP QVR Pro for recording content management services or with QVR DoorAccess to become an access control and attendance management systems to effectively reduce the risk of contact infection by having to remove masks for facial identification.”

“Facial recognition is one of the most transformative technologies of our time, and it is finding its way into a diverse and fast-growing range of applications. FaceMe®, one of the world’s leading engines, which includes mask-wearing detection and can recognize people with 98% accuracy when wearing a mask over their nose and mouth, has been integrated into many security, access control, and health screening solutions that have helped fight COVID-19 and are now part of the new normal,” said CyberLink. “It is our honor to cooperate with QNAP, by integrating FaceMe®, our AI-based facial recognition technology, into QNAP’s QVR Face Link, enabling contactless access control and a range of people detection and recognition features.”

Other third-party solutions (such as surveillance systems, access control systems, and smart signage) can be integrated using the QVR Face API. Data including names and groups can be used by chaining the QVR Face image recognition and analysis API to flexibly create innovative applications.

The QVR Face Link smart facial recognition solution can be downloaded from the QTS App Center. Users can purchase a license to enable recognition analytics tasks (channels) and flexibly increase the number of facial recognition profiles based on their requirements.

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