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QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP®) today announced that Chien-Hung Lai, member of Ocean Fox, the 2018 Fishackathon Taiwan winning team, will attend QNAP Livecast program, which will be held at 18:00 (UTC+8) on March 28, 2018. Chien-Hung Lai will share us with their Fishackathon story about how they built the award-winning freshwater quality monitoring system by integrating QNAP’s single-board IoT mini server, QBoat Sunny & IoT development app, QIoT Suite Lite with Sigfox ‘s wireless network service.

The Fishackathon is a international hackathon competition that takes place annually since 2014, which is organized by the U.S. Department of State and HackerNest, a nonprofit organization and movement that engage in building and uniting local technology communities worldwide. The event aims to call on developers and science enthusiasts from all over the world to build solutions for issues with freshwater, ocean and fishery. The 2018 Fishackathon was held in dozens of cities around the world, with both Taipei and Kaohsiung included. The Taipei & Kaohsiung completions were organized by The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and local partners. Ocean Fox won the Taiwan championship with its outstanding freshwater quality monitoring solution, Formosan Salmon Submarine Sampling System.

With SEAWOLF, a ROV by TTRobotix as its body, the Formosan Salmon Submarine Sampling System is implanted with the QNAP QBoat Sunny. This IoT mini server acts as the Formosan Salmon’s control and data storage center, operating the main water quality monitoring mission. The Ocean Fox’ Formosan Salmon Submarine is an IoT fresh water monitoring solution based on QIoT Suite Lite in conjunction with Arduino sensors and Sigfox wireless network & IoT connectivity service. The data of water samples collected by the Formosan Salmon Submarine will be simultaneously uploaded to the Qboat Sunny via Sigfox and GPS services for storage. Afterwards, the Qboat Sunny will send copies of the data to public cloud storage space for further analysis.

To learn more about the Ocean Fox and Formosan Salmon Submarine, please watch the QNAP Livecast.

Fishackathon Taiwan Winning Team


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