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From DAS (Direct Attached Storage) to NAS (Network Attached Storage), technological advancements have been applauding so far. There was once a time when an external storage device would be the apple of the eye, an irreplaceable accessory that can’t be done without. However, with technology shooting up at a lightning speed, the once irreplaceable DAS was successfully replaced by the best QNAP NAS Network attached storage solutions and today we’ll tell you how NAS solutions are not only overcoming DAS hurdles but also refining user experience with its digital touch.

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Why are External Storage Solutions Considered Traditional Today?

Remember the struggle over space issue and hardware malfunctions back in the days? You could have your most crucial data backed up in your external drive to keep it safe and suddenly the drive malfunctions due to connectivity issues or malfunctions due to excessive storage. Above all, who in the 21st Century carries a bulky external device around to store their everyday needs?

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Here’s Why NAS is an absolute gem to storage hoarders

Even if your work is not all about storage and back-ups, NAS is still the one for you and here’s why

  • Never lose your data- While external hard drives were limited by their space or storage potential, the NAS, which is basically a network with an infinite amount of space for you to go gaga over storage.
  • Always stay protected-Here’s a myth that needs to go. Just because it’s on the network doesn’t mean its prone to corruption or hacking and in case it is, NAS comes with its own built-in protections
  • One huge data warehouse-All your data- both crucial and miscellaneous, stored under one big secure roof.
  • Make the best of mobility-Imagine being in touch with your data as and when required- at your home, in your office, and even on-the-go.
  • Get your group together-qnap nas network attached storage by Sanford-based tech geniuses come with easy file cross-platform file sharing amongst groups.

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But wait, that’s not all. Advanced qnap nas network attached storage in Sanford is so much more than a simple storage solution. We are talking automated data syncs, hybrid virtualization, smart storage, and quick search, and in case you’re not familiar with any of these, a super user-friendly interface that just about anyone and everyone can use! Here’s to convenient, light, and smart storage solutions.