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Running a business efficiently is possible when you have a reliable data storage solution. A Network Attached Storage (NAS) works wonder when it comes to storage solutions, and multiple PCs are connected on the same network. It fundamentally offers file storage and synching in a collaborative workspace to store essential data and maintain daily operations. Read on to know more about the benefits that reflect how Thecus network-attached storage device is important for small businesses.

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Remote Data Accessibility

When your business has Thecus network-attached storage, you get prompt data storage and retrieval as and when required. The device is beneficial for an organization that has a geographically distributed sales team that constantly shares sales activities. Regardless of the location, the team can add data using the internet connection.

All Time Accessibility

To access a NAS device, you don't need an external server. You can access the device, whenever required, as it is get-at-able round the clock. However, you have to ensure the NAS device is switched on. Also, backup is important in case of a power outage.


While looking for a reliable data storage device, scalability becomes an issue for small businesses or organizations. Good thing about the NAS device is it is cloud-based. You can add more storage easily whenever the date that to need to be stored increases.

Better Collaboration

With NAS devices, your team gets access to up-to-date data even if they are located in distant places. In addition to that, each member can make changes that get updated at the same time. This way, each person in your team will be on the same page.


Quick Decision Making

With Network Attached Device, you don’t have to wait for the required information. As data is updated spontaneously, management can make important decisions without any delay.

Easy to Use

As the installation of NAS devices doesn’t need an IT professional, you can easily install and use it without any external assistance. This way, you can cut the cost of a dedicated IT professional in your organization.

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Low in Cost

Small businesses and organizations look for solutions that don’t cost much. The low cost of NAS devices is another bonus point for them.


Though the world is relying more on cloud storage these days, with a NAS device you don’t have to worry about anyone else accessing your data or documents. This is one of the major reasons why people are slowly switching to network-attached storage.

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