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QNAP® Systems, Inc. (QNAP®) today announced the launch of its newly-revamped QNAP License Store. The new License Store has been designed to provide QNAP users with a convenient license purchase experience. Purchasing QNAP NAS application licensees has been greatly simplified, and customers have various online payment methods to pay for their orders. Using QNAP ID (QID) accounts further streamlines the license purchase procedure and provides the benefits of managing all of the NAS application licenses through the QNAP License Store.

The QNAP License Store provides the following NAS application licenses:

  1. QVR Pro: Comprehensive Network Video Recorder (NVR) for QNAP NAS.
  2. exFAT Driver: Allow a QNAP NAS to access exFAT-formatted devices.
  3. Surveillance Station: Use a QNAP NAS as a professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) system.
  4. McAfee Antivirus: Scan your QNAP NAS using the acclaimed McAfee antivirus engine.

To purchase QNAP NAS licenses, users can either go to the new License Store or log in to QNAP NAS and go to "Control Panel" > "License Center".

To use the new QNAP License Store, users must be using QTS build 20180213 (or later). If the QTS firmware version is (or older), compatible licenses can only be purchased from the original QNAP License Store. For users who have already purchased licenses from the original License Store, after they upgrade the firmware to QTS build 20180213 (or later), they can choose to migrate their existing licenses to the new versions from the new License Store.

(1) For purchasing additional VioStor NVR recording channels, please contact authorized distributors.
(2) For information on Firmware Updates and Maintenance, please visit Product Support Status.


About QNAP Systems, Inc.

QNAP Systems, Inc., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge Network-attached Storage (NAS) and video surveillance solutions based on the principles of usability, high security, and flexible scalability. QNAP offers quality NAS products for home and business users, providing solutions for storage, backup/snapshot, virtualization, teamwork, multimedia, and more. QNAP envisions NAS as being more than "simple storage", and has created many NAS-based innovations to encourage users to host and develop Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions on their QNAP NAS.