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QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released the beta version of QcalAgent, an app that supports Google® and Outlook® calendars and can sync through CalDAV. Users can centrally manage personal and work schedules, and increase group time management by sharing calendars, inviting guests and attaching files to events. QcalAgent also supports snapshots and backups to prevent data loss.

“QcalAgent consolidates multiple online calendars as a time management center to assist users in effectively managing and tracking their schedules,” said Christine Wang, Product Manager of QNAP. “All of the schedules and attached files are also securely stored in the NAS private cloud.”

Besides tracking personal events, QcalAgent supports shared calendars that can assist in teamwork and organizing group events. It allows users to attach files to events from the computer or NAS and share them with others, and integrates the Qcontactz app to assist in quickly inviting guests.

QcalAgent automatically records all of the changes made to the calendars using snapshots. Users can quickly check the revision history and choose a specific calendar version to recover. Calendar content can also be exported in an .ics file. Users can also arrange scheduled backups to another NAS to ensure schedules are safe.



The QcalAgent Beta is now available from the QTS App Center.

System requirements:

  1. QNAP NAS with QTS 4.3.3 (or later).
  2. Container Station v1.7.2415 (or later) must be installed before using QcalAgent.
  3. Using the latest Google Chrome™, Safari®, Microsoft Edge® or Firefox® browser is recommended for an optimal user experience.


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